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Address Manager Batch for SAP® Business Suite

Address Manager Batch is an address validation and correction software package for Canadian addresses stored in any SAP® NetWeaver based ERP or CRM System. Address Manager Batch cleans, completes and verifies existing records in an address database. Over time, frequent address cleansing helps prevent data decay by keeping the address database correct, accurate and up to date.

Address Manager Batch is on the current list of software recognized by Canada Post Corporation.

For more information on Address Manager Batch, check out our product datasheet.

Address Manager for SAP® Business Suite

Address Manager can help SAP customers maintain the accuracy of their address data records throughout their business. Address Manager will ensure address details are correct and valid once entered and maintain the accuracy of address records over time.

Address Manager enables organizations to:
• Reduce time to enter address records and increase their accuracy.
• Optimize the quality of your customer, vendor and partner records.
• Improve operations across your enterprise.

For more information on Address Manager, check out our product datasheet.

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